Multi-skilled Skysite teams are able to access various areas to carry out planned or emergency and preventative maintenance tasks.

• Rigging and Lifting – NSL Accredited Technicians
• Tank Cleaning and Coating
• Flare Boom Maintenance
• Derrick Maintenance
• Electrical Installations / Repairs
• Drill Ship Maintenance
• Jack-up Leg Maintenance
• Welding, Cutting and Burning
• Anode Replacement
• Bolt Assessment and Repair
• Bolt Torquing
• Load Testing to 1000 tons, Valve Replacement and Specialized Welding

Rigging and Lifting: NSL accredited technicians to assist with lifting in hard to reach areas and limited or confined spaces.

Tank cleaning and Coating: Confined space access to clean, blast and coat.

Derrick Maintenance: API RP 4G inspections and follow up maintenance, including bolt replacement, refurbishments, extensions and wind wall repairs.

Electrical Installations / repairs: Warning lights, cable trunking installations, other.

Jack-up Leg Maintenance: Surveys, repairs and painting.

Anode Replacement: Survey and replace.

Bolt Assessment: Inspection, torquing and replacement.